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    Many producers, directors and filmmakers would love to add more excitement, realism, tension and suspense to their projects yet because of budgetary and logistical issues give up on their dreams or settle for less. Most think that adding stunts is very expensive and that you have to have an exorbitant budget numbering in the millions of dollars.


    Or they don’t realize what a stunt actually is and wind up having untrained, unbelievable actors doing things that trained stunt performers should be doing. Did you know even a simple trip and fall, people slapping each other or shooting guns are actually stunts? Having trained professionals will not only make your scenes look much more believable and entertaining yet will also dramatically cut down on production time as well.


    We’re Not Your Average Stunt Team


    Want to increase your production value to the next level? How about taking your project from great to amazing? Like to make movie/TV history with a project that audiences have never seen before and will absolutely love? These realistic goals require careful, expert planning – along with precise implementation – to make it happen. With so many choices, options and variables, it can be overwhelming at times. Well we’re here to make it easy for you.


    C.B.T. Stunt Team is a full-service professional stunt team and action actors specializing in the creation, technical design, direction and production of action sequences. We budget, design, choreograph and even perform your action sequences to meet both your director’s vision and your producers budget!


    Our team being both action actors as well as stunt performers is a major advantage to you, as we can perfectly play key roles in your productions eliminating the need for unnecessary casting, actor/performer training, repeated takes and more. Plus, your action sequence is exciting, looks completely realistic, instills and evokes whatever emotions you want into the audience AND your production time is cut down significantly.


    This is why so many filmmakers have chosen to join the C.B.T. Stunt Team family for their action sequence needs.

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