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* Roughly half of our team are Military Veterans. So when you work with us, you’re employing our troops.


Dillon Wilson – SAG-AFTRA

1st & 2nd Unit Director, Action Coordinator, Stunt Performer and Actor

Dillon Wilson is a visionary Director, Second Unit Director, Action Coordinator, Stunt Performer and Actor with more than 10 years experience in the film industry. Starting his career as an actor and skilled stunt performer, Dillon attended film school and learned the craft of directing and producing.

For stunts, Dillon’s skills include stunt driving, being a licensed pilot, certified scuba diver, falls, car hits, stunt fighting and more. Continuing his stunt training, Dillon became a highly trained and qualified Action coordinator even starting his own unique ‘One-Of-A-Kind’ stunt team. He’s an experienced martial artist and a certified instructor in (C.B.T.) Commando Battle Tactics.

For Elite Tactical, Dillon is a U.S. Army veteran, he’s certified in Multi-Assault and Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities by a SWAT Training Center, certified in Vehicular Engagement Tactics & Counter-Ambush, has Close Quarters Battle training & certification (CQB) with the M-4 Carbine, shotgun and pistol by both a SWAT Training Center and American Defense Enterprises and Combat handgun training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and American Defense Enterprises. He has had tactical rappelling and fast roping training and has received special forces military training with various organizations & private instructors. Dillon also holds a certification in ‘Israeli Limited Penetration Tactical High Threat CQB’ and ‘Israeli Counter Terror Active Shooter Protocol’ training and certification from Cherries (founder Aaron Cohen), the same organization that trained Keanu Reeves in elite tactical training for John Wick 2.

Dillon Wilson is also a licensed Armorer for the film, TV and entertainment industry and is also a certified (RSO) Range Safety Officer with the National Rifle Association.

All of the unique training and experience Dillon has acquired has given him a unique eye for directing and choreographing action movies and sequences. Dubbed the ‘Anti-Director’, Dillon delights in breaking all the rules and giving audiences movies, experiences and emotions that they’ve never encountered before.

“The only rule in film making to never break is this…always entertain your audience”. – Dillon Wilson





See my write up in the industry publication – Martial Arts Entertainment! 


Sherry Rene – SAG-AFTRA

Actress, Model and Stunt Performer

Sherry Rene was born and raised in New York, New York. She began cheerleading at the age of three and martial arts at the age of six. She decided to move to Los Angeles in May of 2018 to pursue a career in entertainment. Soon after moving to Los Angeles, she booked a stunt acting role on the Nickelodeon series KNIGHT SQUAD. Today, she is a professional actress and stunt woman specializing in fights, falls and weapons.




Ryan ‘Rhino’ Michaels – SAG-AFTRA

Actor, Model and Stunt Performer

Ryan “Rhino” Michaels started his acting / stuntman career at Lee Strassburg Acting Academy in N.Y.C. on scholarship. And was an international print and runway model with ELITE in N.Y.C & Paris. Specializing in playing Bad Guys, casting has also seen him as the man next door in National Commercial campaigns including Super Bowl spots and campaigns.

Rhino stands 6’ 3.5″ has a lean & muscular 235 lbs. frame, blue eyes, dark brown hair and beard optional ..Rhino is a extreme sportsman enthusiast and does big vertical rock climbing , downhill skiing, expert horseman, stunt driver and 125cc shifter KART racing champion, has done over 1000 high falls at Universal, street and martial arts fighting skills, motorcyclist and has been trained in CBT Elite Tactical techniques.


Keisha Tucker – SAG-AFTRA

Actress and Stunt Performer

Keisha Tucker has loved nothing but to perform and entertain since 4 years old. While in school, being entered into pageants, taking dance classes, playing sports, and always being voted “class clown,” it’s no wonder she is the actress and stuntwoman she is today.



Frankie Ray – SAG-AFTRA

Actress and Stunt Performer

Frankie Ray is an actor, singer, rapper, musician and a military veteran. He started acting in 1992. With over 23 years in the Business, he has amassed a deep resume of characters, over 27 National commercials, 45 film and television projects and many music videos.

He’s a consummate sportsman, avid rock climber, rescue scuba diver, kayaker and surfer. He’s constantly training to expand his skill sets and inspire his search for knowledge and experience. He also does Stunts, Fights, falls and Prat falls.




Amber Bohac – SAG – E

Actress, Stunt Performer and Weapons Trainer

Amber Bohac started throwing knives at the age of 3; her interests only grew from there. Years of Competitive gymnastics as well as Goshin Jitsu Karate taught her strength, dedication & determination. Performing in an original Warner Brothers theater for crowds of over 2000 since the age of 6 allowed her to grow up with a confidence only the stage can bring. 15 plus years of dance in multiple styles showed her how to pick up any kind choreography quickly. Upon graduating with honors she moved out to LA at the age of 18 to pursue her acting career. Within 2 months of moving she booked a feature film & a sketch on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, solidifying her decision to make this her career. Having worked on both sides of the camera she has a true understanding from both a set coach or choreographer’s perspective as well as an actors, yet she enjoys learning more everyday on set.






Mark Anthony Vazquez – SAG-AFTRA

Actor and Stunt Performer 






Lugdy Cueva, SAG – E

Actor, Stunt Performer and Weapons Trainer

Lugdy Cueva is a native of Southern California and a U.S. Army Veteran.  Educated at the Lifton Institute of Media Arts and Sciences in Film Production Management.  She loves being a Stunt Woman/Actress because of her real-world military experience as a weapons expert and being a female bad-ass. Lugdy is trained as a Combat Battle Tactics (CBT) Stunt Woman and Weapons Expert (Sword, Spear, Hand guns, Carbine, M-16, M-9, sky diver (13,000 feet), airborne qualified (attended Airborne parachute school in the Army – 5000 feet), rappelling, riding a motorcycle (18 years experience), PADI certified Scuba Diver, running (13K and Marathon runner), horseback riding (intermediate rider), intercollegiate competitive ballroom dancer (knowledgeable in 14 different American and International dance styles), volleyball player, a previous cardio boxing aerobics instructor, avid traveler, and fluent in Spanish.






Roland Garcia – SAG – E

Actor, Stunt Performer and Fight Trainer

Roland Garcia was born and raised in east Los Angeles. He acquired his BA in communications and minored in dance. His hobbies include martial arts, dance, parkour, archery, and more.

He is trained in the Meissner acting technique and blends it all together in what Harrison Ford calls physical acting.






Hiram Caraballo – SAG – E

Actor, Fight Choreographer and Stunt Performer

Hiram Caraballo was originally from Boston Massachusetts and is a U.S. Army veteran. He has always had an interest in the Performing Arts he started off as a dancer and martial artist in his teens and early twenties and eventually gravitated to acting.  Although he did not start his pursuit of his acting career later in life it never deterred him from learning and mastering his craft. Beginning his career in Atlanta Georgia he learned from various acting schools.  Learning with every new project incorporating his martial arts skills and choreography. He eventually began seeking further growth in his career. Hiram move to Los Angeles to continue his Pursuit of his acting success. Now a 13-year veteran in acting and martial arts stunts Hiram continues to study under Anthony Miendl and Peter Valentino and is a core member of the CBT Stunt Team. Hiram continues his drive for greatness. Watch his star shine.





Rex Harrison – SAG – E

Actor and Stunt Performer 

Rex Harrison was born in Denver, CO and got his BS degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He’s a Marine Corps veteran specializing in military tactics and various weapons systems. Rex is also a sniper.

Rex is an avid athlete having run track, played division 1 rugby and trained in boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Jiu Jitsu. A born daredevil, he began riding motorcycles from age 5 and now has over 25 years experience riding and track racing sport bikes. He has over 400 skydives and BASE jumps off of buildings, bridges and cranes. For the last four years, Rex has passionately pursued an Acting/Stunt career taking advantage of his life’s experience.



Tyler Cook – AEA, SAG-AFTRA

Actor and Stunt Performer 

Tyler Cook is from Northern California where he grew up riding horses, snowboarding, rock climbing, motocross, street riding, and cave exploring. He began collegiate and freestyle wrestling at the age of 11 and had dance training in hip-hop and jazz. He relocated to Los Angeles in 2007, where he continued his career acting, including on stage with stage combat training. Tyler has performed his own stunts on a variety of network TV shows, films, and music videos, including cable work, falls, stunts involving pyrotechnics, and hand-to-hand combat. Tyler is now an avid spear-fisherman, free-diver, surfer, and is a certified NAUI scuba diver.






Byron Ivey – SAG – AFTRA

Actor, Stunt Performer and Fight Trainer

Byron Ivey is a former track & field high school and college athlete, professional Wrestler and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner. Byron has trained in kickboxing and boxing as well. Through professional wrestling, he found his calling into the stunt industry after getting the opportunity to work on an episode of Fuller House. Byron also trains in elite tactical combat training with pistol, carbines, shotguns and other various weapons.






Hurricane Noi – SAG – E

Actor, Fight Choreographer, Stunt Performer and Fight Trainer

Hurricane Noi has attended some of the top stunt schools and classes in the US and has received top caliber stunt training from established industry professionals. He has an extensive Martial Arts background and is an experienced stunt coordinator. He is also Bi-Lingual speaking both Laotian/English.




Ken May

Actor and Stunt Performer 

Ken May started off as a professional Scare Actor for several of southern California’s largest haunts. Finding a talent and passion for this, he quickly started picking up roles in independent horror films, recently completing projects for Netflix, Syfy, and Troma.

Ken has a background in Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, and led a team of fighters to China to appear on Wu Ling Feng, on national TV. Ken trains in a variety of martial arts weapons, and various other martial arts as well. For Elite Tactical, he trains in carbine and pistol, and has NRA certifications in Pistol (Phase I and II), and is a Certified Range Safety Officer.

Additional skills include Archery (compound and recurve), horseback riding, stunt falls, prosthetics makeup, and a background in Cybersecurity.






Shane Alexander

Stunt Performer 

Shane Alexander has been studying martial since the age of 7 and has trained and studied with some of the best Stunt Trainers in the industry in the US and also Canada.  He is well versed in almost all utility stunts as well as live fire burns.  Shane excels at hand to hand fight choreography, unarmed and with weapons.




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