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Did you know that many companies spend billions of dollars on sales training each year, yet over 80% of these training programs do NOT produce lasting results?

Why…you ask? Simple, because other sales training companies view corporate sales training as an event not an ongoing process to improve your sales team’s sales skills, knowledge and most importantly their results. It’s proven that a comprehensive, ongoing training system designed to deliver real, lasting results gets you the exact sales results that you want.

How Much Is ‘Poor Sales Performance’ Costing Your Company?

At Innovative Sales Training Solutions, you get complete solutions to help you grow your business the way that YOU want to. You can choose from our very popular ‘High-Impact Selling System’ Sales Training Classes and Seminars that coach you, or your sales team, one-on-one through every stage of High Performance selling from ‘Prospecting’ to the ‘Post Close’.

If you have a larger group that you’d like trained, we provide our ‘High-Impact Selling System’ workshops. Our workshops are exactly what they sound like, a complete “hands-on” experience for you and your sales team. These come complete with basic and advanced closing strategies, sales and appointment setting scripts, and plenty of role paying.


Client Testimonial

“Thanks to Innovative Sales Solutions, I was able to identify and eliminate some of the things that I was doing wrong, like not following up with old customers to see if they needed more work done. That lead directly to me being able to increase my closure rate by about 15-20%.

I have been working with New Colonial Cabinets for 10 years. We’ve experienced ups and downs throughout that time, like most of the cabinetry companies have during the rough economic period. But thanks to you guys, we have managed to weather a lot of storms that have come our way. They rode along with me on several sales calls and helped me to fine tune how I was presenting to my potential customers.

I was a little skeptical when they first came to me saying that he could help. A lot of people can talk a good game. But Innovative Sales Solutions delivered in the one area that matters most: results.”

— Leigh Baskin

New Colonial Cabinets


It’s A Shame For You Not To Make More Money
–When Our Clients Do It So Easily

Want to know more about how we can help you and your sales team go from ‘Zero to Hero’ with our ‘High-Impact Selling System’? Call now for your FREE ‘Sales Growth’ Consultation (888)209-0064.



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