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It’s happened to many other filmmakers before. You’ve got the perfect project. The script is amazing, the D.P. is awesome, your editor is award winning and you even got the perfect actors for each role. Just one problem…your actors can’t perform any of the stunts!


Sometimes you just can’t use stunt doubles, whether for production or budgetary reasons. This is when professional stunt training comes in. Having your talent, and even other stunt performers involved with your project, trained to be able to perform their stunts flawlessly adds volumes to your production value and keeps you well within your budget.


C.B.T. Stunt Team stunt trainers are expertly trained in various forms of martial combat and stunts. Each has been training clients for many, many years in their various fields of expertise.


We offer stunt training in:

  • Elite Tactical Weapons Training as a lone operator (Carbine, shotgun, pistol, ballistic shields, grenades, knives, batons, etc.) – World Class Special Operations Forces Tactical training


  • Elite Tactical Weapons Training as a TEAM (SWAT & Special Operations Forces)all weapons, advanced formations and maneuvers (single & double stacks); ambushes; react to ambushes; peels; bounding; breaching & clearing rooms; hostage rescue from school & commuter buses; hostage rescue from commuter trains & planes; counter-terrorism operations & more


  • Empty Hand Martial Arts Stunt FightingLearn C.B.T. Commando Battle Tactics (striking, trapping, grappling & weapons), Muay Thai, Chinese Kenpo, Goju Kenistan, MMA, Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Krav Maga, Filipino Martial Arts and Kendo.


  • Weapons Martial Arts Stunt Fighting – Learn the combat use of clubs, machetes, swords, knives, spears, staffs, hatchets, guns, flails, projectile weapons, throwing knives, exotic weapons and more


  • Gymnastics and falls


  • Pratt Falls


  • Wire work


  • And more!


Don’t take our word for it, check out what some of our clients had to say:


Tim Allen, actor


Lacey Rae Pawlowicz, Actress (award winner)
1) I had the pleasure of working with Dillon on my short film Adventures in LA. His knowledge and skill brought the stunts in the film to a whole new level making the scenes much better than I had imagined.


2) I met with them and the talent a week before shooting started and they taught us how to safely throw punches and kicks that look real on camera. The actors and me had a blast practicing all week and it made us feel a lot safer on set and moved production along smoothly. I highly recommend working with [insert name here]. They are professional and can ensure safety on your set. 


Miles Massey, Director


Stunt/Fight Choreography 


Dillon and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s knowledgeable, dedicated, creative, and adaptable.


When faced with difficult action scenes and story issues, Dillon can be trusted with blocking and stunts that look realistic and enhance the story; while staying true to the narrative and characters involved. I’d gladly work with Dillon Wilson again.


Stunt and Fight Training


Dillon Wilson is an excellent stunt and fight trainer. He knows what looks real for the camera, and how to train actors to look good fighting. He works quickly and safely, gaining the trust of the performers to deliver hard hitting action.


Otis Johnson


“Welcome to Grindhaus!”


Who Ever Heard of Adding MORE Stunts To Your Production
— And Saving Money At The Same Time?

We offer a comprehensive selection of stunt training as well as days, time and locations to choose from. We can even train you and your talent at your location! No matter if you need stunt fight training in specific martial arts styles, elite tactical training or even gymnastics and falls training, we can help you achieve the desired look and feel that you want.


With over 20 years of stunt training experience, top caliber professional stunt trainers, top rated training equipment and trusted styles & systems, our team will help you take your production value to the next level at a surprisingly affordable price that fits comfortably into your budget.


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