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Fight Scene For Your Reel

Need A Professional Fight Scene For Your Reel?

Stop Missing Out On Those Roles That You Know You Could Get
Because You Don’t Have Any Fight Footage For Your Reel!


Many actors know they can book BETTER roles or roles with action in them. Yet without demonstrating that you can actually ALREADY do it, most casting directors, producers and directors won’t even give you a shot. If only they gave you a chance you could show them AND finally get the fight footage you need for your reel…Right? WRONG!


If it actually worked out that way, EVERYBODY would have professional fight footage in their reels. Other actors pay establishments $500 – $1,500 or more to have an acting scene put together for them with the most basic fight choreography ever invented.


The stuff other companies offer is so basic that even a monkey could do it!


Get The Fight Reel You Want With A Strategy Normally Reserved For The Wealthy

(Or People With More Disposable Income Than You)

It’s common for actors to have private sessions with a Professional Fight Choreographer to put together choreography to show off their empty hand and weapons stunt fighting ability. Those sessions start on average at $500 to $1,500.


This is NOT a lot to invest to have a skilled, trained and experienced professional work with you 1 – on – 1 ensuring that you look absolutely amazing in your fight reel. The problem is many actors tell us they don’t have an extra $1,500 laying around. Yet they still need to grow their careers. Well we listened and came up with a solution…


We’ve Created What We Consider To Be The Perfect, Actor-Friendly Fight Choreography Package… Take 90 Seconds To See If You Agree

Our ‘one of a kind’ fight choreography package consists of:

STEP 1: You filling out our proven ‘Bullseye’ fight choreography submission form.

You let us know EXACTLY what you want in your fight scene (i.e. styles(s) of martial art(s) used, number of opponents, martial arts weapons you want used, props you want used, prop firearms, filming style, etc.). We review it and then one our Professional Fight Choreographers calls you, reviews your answers with you and helps you to shape your vision for your fight scene.


STEP 2: One our Professional Fight Choreographers then designs your 30 second fight scene (final run time).


STEP 3: You and our Professional Fight Choreographer meet up for your 1st 90 minute training and choreography session.

After a thorough warm up, you will be physically tested to observe what you can actually do. Also covered will be the basics of stunt fighting (i.e. set safety, camera angles, stunt reactions, etc.). You will also be taught the fight choreography for your scene as well as strike impact pads to polish any strikes or combinations that need it.



STEP 4: Your Professional Fight Choreographer will record a training ‘Previz’ video for you to use as a reference and for practice.

Yes, you will need to practice BEFORE you actually shoot your fight scene. Your training Previs video will be emailed to you and your cinematographer. This way you can see what you look like before shoot day. Your Fight Choreographer will also include notes identifying areas that you need to practice and smooth out.


[You and Your Fight Choreographer schedule your actual shoot date]



You, your Professional Fight Choreographer and a Cinematographer, of your choice, show up to the location, of your choice, and shoot your fight scene within 90 minutes. Your Fight Choreographer will be your antagonist in your very own fight scene. They will also guide your Cinematographer as to how best shoot your fight scene (i.e. frame rate, wide shots, insert shots, camera angles, advanced camera techniques for shooting action, etc.).



STEP 6: Your Cinematographer delivers your footage to you for use in your reel!

You then take your footage and edit it yourself, or have your editor do it. Your Professional Fight Choreographer will also review your finished fight scene to give you any input as to how to make it better. Finally, insert your fight scene into your reel and start submitting to get those projects that you always wanted to submit for!


This package includes:

1. ‘1 – on – 1’ consulting and training to optimize your finished fight scene to help get you the type of roles that you want.

2. A 30 second fight scene (final run time) choreographed.

3. A Professional Fight Choreographer designing your fight scene.

4. A Professional Fight Choreographer training / teaching you your fight scene.

5. 3 hours total of training, performance and shoot time (2 ninety minute sessions).

6. A training ‘Previz’ video recorded and emailed to you and your cinematographer for you to use as a reference and for practice.

7. A Professional Fight Choreographer serving as your antagonist in your fight scene for both training and shoot day.

8. A Professional Fight Choreographer directing your fight scene for you on shoot day.

9. Training striking pads and a stunt mat if needed.

Total – just $299 (compare at $500 from other companies)

SPECIAL MAY ONLY OFFER! only $150 (for a limited time)


* This special spring offer entails you providing us with video testimonials to use in our marketing after your package is complete.
* Securing locations is the responsibility of the client.


Need more stunt fighters for your shoot day?

This is the perfect solution if you want multiple fighters in your fight scene. Stunt performers will be available for your 90 minute shoot – Only $30 per performer


Don’t have your own Cinematographer?

We can refer one to you. The DP we recommend has shot fight scenes before (very important!). They will provide their own camera, batteries, an assortment of lenses, tripods, etc. and will shoot your fight scene in HD 1080p. They will be available for your 90 minute shoot. They have also agreed to provide this special pricing for our package – Only $160


Want something not covered in our package?

Want a longer fight scene, exotic weapons, more fighters, more shoot time, etc. Let us know. We can easily design a custom package for you!



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