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Like To Have Your Film Students Learn How To Work With A Professional Stunt Coordinator And Use Action In Their Projects?

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Many film schools would like to provide the best possible educational experience for their students. Even give them the best training along with solid professional relationships coupled with actual hands on experience to prepare them for the industry once they graduate. The problem is finding highly trained, professional working stunt coordinators that are willing to work with students. This is not an easy task. Plus, some students don’t think that they need to work with a stunt coordinator because they don’t believe that they have any stunts in their project…when they actually do.


CBT Stunt Alliance Has Got Your Solution!


Our team is unique in many ways. One way, is that we actually care about the filmmakers, and films, of tomorrow. So much so in fact, that each year we set aside a certain number of projects to work with student filmmakers to help them make their projects look amazing. After all, they are the producers and directors of tomorrow.


We also know that the union wants film school students to have experience setting up their projects with the union, as well as working with union stunt coordinators. As a result, our reputation has gotten around to many film schools because the students LOVE working with our team. So not surprisingly, we were asked to come in and teach a seminar to the student body about how to effectively leverage action in film as well as why and how to work with professional stunt coordinators.


Needless to say, our seminar was a BIG hit! Both the faculty and students loved it! They even requested that we come back each semester to teach the same 1 hour seminar to every new class coming in.


See some of it below:




•  Why use action in film

•  How to shoot action in film

•  Stunts vs. Action Sequences

•  How to work with a stunt coordinator

•  Union Safety Bulletins

•  How to get the most out of working with your Stunt Coordinator

•  The 6 Most Common Mistakes that Student Productions Make

•  Stunt Actors As A Solution

•  BTS VIDEO clips of action sequences as well as breakdown explanations of each

•  DEMONSTRATIONS of stunt fighting and action choreography

•  Q & A session

•  And more!


Schools That Love Our Seminar To Date


1. American Film Institute (AFI Conservatory) – https://www.afi.com/


2. The Art Institute Of Pasadenahttp://www.artcenter.edu/


If you’re interested in helping your students learn more about leveraging action in their projects, working with the union and why and how to work with professional stunt coordinators and other stunt professionals, simply let us know!



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