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SWAT Team for Hire

Need An Elite SWAT Team Or Tactical Entry Team For Your Film Or Photoshoot?


You know how important production value is. You can have a great script, great actors, great camera and sound yet if key wardrobe, props and key people are not included, your production won’t achieve it’s full potential. And few things are worse than looking at your project in theaters, studios, festivals or in post and wishing you could have done things differently.


If you need a professional SWAT Team, Special Forces Military Squad or an Elite Terrorist Team, we’ve got you covered. For SWAT, we are already fully outfitted with our own wardrobe, weapons, authentic movement, weapons manipulation and more. Simply hiring untrained, unskilled actors and tossing them into a makeshift, inauthentic SWAT uniform actually comes across that way in your project and does little to nothing for increasing your production value.


 CBT swat team 2

Plus our rates are very affordable!


This is great for your movie posters, DVD covers, social media images, marketing campaigns, photo collages, investor pitch packages, sizzle reels, book covers, film/TV/web series and more. With CBT Stunt Team, we’re your 1 stop solution for providing everything you need to have top tier elite operators in your project and take your production value to the next level!


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