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Advice to Producers Whose Past Action Projects
Weren’t A Big Hit — By a Producer

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Ever seen an action movie and despite the fact that there were plenty of action sequences, the movie just fell flat and didn’t grab you?
It’s surprising how many productions, even big budget, don’t realize that directing action movies takes a unique eye and experience. Effectively telling a story leveraging action sequences, stunts and practical / special effects takes precise training and skill.


Add to this, directors oftentimes feel pressure to effectively tell their story under a very demanding production schedule. This is what causes scenes, that are important to the plot and the movie, to be rushed or even skipped, greatly lessening the impact of a film.


C.B.T. Stunt Team Action Directors have the ability to design, organize and facilitate your action scenes from start to finish. We work side by side with the director and producers to accomplish the needed action. We know the mechanics of action inside and out. We can shoot your action as effectively as the first unit director while your first unit director films another scene!


Our Action Directors specialize in getting creative, cutting edge AND affordable action for our clients. Ultimately, our action directors deliver dynamic action scenes while saving you both time and money. We make the first unit director, producers, studio, production company, and bonding companies happy!


Need An Experienced 1st Unit Director For Your Action Project Yet Don’t Have The Time To Search For & Hire Them?


We Can Help!

Give your production a major head start by having an experienced, 1st Unit Director that specializes in shooting action movies. You already know that each movie genre is highly unique and specialized. This specialization necessitates unique skills and experience to make it work. So you always want to hire a director that specializes in dramas for your drama, a director that specializes in horror for your horror project, a director that specializes in westerns for your western and so on.


Our 1st Unit directors specialize in 2 primary genres: action and comedies. These include all of the variations and subgenres as well (ex. action comedies, martial arts action, romantic comedies, etc.). It makes a world of difference when you know going into a project that your director knows all the ins and outs of your target genre when producing your project.


Who Else Wants Better Caliber Movies
— With Far Less Production Time?


You already know that the 1st Unit Director has THE GREATEST impact on the overall production and outcome of your project. So why take chances on someone who is inexperienced in your target genre? The RIGHT director will be able to inspire better performances from the actors, more efficient and effective performances from the crew, take the production value through the roof and ideally finish each production day, and ultimately the entire project, on time and on budget.l


Our directors can even direct Motion Capture Productions (video games and movies)! Whether you want a great 1st Unit Director or 2nd Unit Director, we’ve got you covered!


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