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Movie Prop Guns

Need The Perfect Assortment Of Firearms for Your Project Yet Don’t Know Where To Start?

We Got What You Need For A Price You’ll Love!


Guns…guns…guns. They look so great on the big and small screen. You don’t really think much about them until you need them for your project. Where do you go to get them? How much do they cost to rent? What will they look like on camera? How does the process work? There are so many questions to answer it can seem overwhelming at times.


We make it easy for you! One of our professionally trained and licensed armorers will talk with you about your project, find out specifically what you want to do and recommend the exact prop firearms to get you exactly what you want.



We are the industry choice for movie props, movie weapons, stage props, blank guns, and replica fake guns. Our large selection of blank guns and non-firing fake guns are perfect for movie prop weapons, theatrical stage props, television sets, civil war reenactments and plays.



Whether you want blank guns to stage a wild west shootout or music video, outfit entire infantry divisions with armory for a combat fire fight, civil war reenactments or cops and robbers action, we have the realistic movie prop weapons you are looking for.




We have all types of historical props, including web gear, helmets, knives and all types of accessories. We specialize in weapons and props rentals for The Old West era (1865 to 1915); The Indian Wars (US Cavalry and Native American equipment and firearms); The Golden Age of Piracy; American, World War II, The Colonial Wars of the Imperial Age, NVA and Viet-Cong weapons and gear for the Vietnam War; Gangsters and police of the Roaring 20s; Modern military gear of the Iraq Conflict (both sides) and more.


[When Rock Legends ‘Quiet Riot’ needed professional armorer solutions for their latest music video, they went with CBT Stunt Alliance! Watch their music video below]


Got a sci-fi you’re working on? We even have prop weapons from the future!



Need Police or SWAT Gear?


We have a full range of high-quality police belts and SWAT gear available for rental. Even handcuffs, helmets, vests, SWAT uniforms, active shooter shields, ballistic shields and more.


Whether you have a “blank check budget” or are producing your first student film, we have the equipment, personnel, and trend-setting tools to make your production a success! 


Need Swords, Blades Or Edged Weapons?


Straight Sword Set, with hero sword, and two half sword pieces.


We have a large selection of edged weapons sets from all periods. Both ‘hero’ and ‘stunt weapons. Let us know what you want and we can get it for you!



Meat cleaver set: one metal cleaver and one matching resin cleaver.


* We have a soft spot for student and up and coming filmmakers. So don’t be afraid to drop us a line!


Have some questions? Contact us today, for a FREE ‘Movie Guns & Armorer Strategy Session’!



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