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VFX Editing

Like To Cross VFX Editing Off Your ‘To Do’ List?


Our marketing division, CBT Media, provides professional visual effects and special effects solutions to productions both big and small. Our team of VFX artists polish, support and finish many features, shorts and videos.


Our Visual Effects VFX Solutions range from:

  • Small projects like special effects content for mom and pops and small businesses


  • Helping supervise and produce company or corporate projects to utilize internally or push through social channels


  • Supporting independent or indie film makers by providing the VFX work to finish their films


  • Multi-Day VFX support working with producers, studios, media companies, agencies and managers


Our VFX Projects range from Television, web, commercial, feature film, movie trailer creation and edits, ‘Behind the Scenes’ Features, live action and live production for music concerts and events.

Our focus is getting 100% client satisfaction. We’re not happy with your project until You Are!


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