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Fight Choreography

Video Brochure – Fight Choreography


C.B.T. Stunt Team has done it again! WATCH the videos below. We know that trying to understand and visualize fight scenes, fight choreography and how to best leverage it into your projects to maximize your production value is not an easy task.


So to make it easier for you, we put together the following videos showing fight choreography utilizing exotic weapons and exotic styles. We purposely left them as long takes so that you can see how they look (virtually in their entirety) and then decide for yourself how you’d use them in your story, where you’d cut them, what camera angles you’d like to use, how many cameras you’d use to shoot it with, how you’d color it, etc..


Some are great for establishing backstory for characters (visually establishing them as bad asses in a very short period of time), building up suspense, inserting intense action in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd acts and some are perfect for the big action sequence(s) in your 3rd acts.


We can design fight scenes and choreography for ANY project that you’re doing (ex. feature film, TV show, web series, music video, etc.). We can also adapt it to any environment as well (ex. jungle, desert, urban, boat/ship, plane, arctic type environments, space, etc.). We even can use multiple styles of martial arts in your choreography. We’ve had some projects that had up to 10 different martial arts styles in them!


If you’d like something that you don’t see…just ask us! We can handle it!



Introductory fight
(Usually used at the beginning of the movie. Used to establish a character’s personality and fighting style.)



Empty Hand & Exotic Weapons versus Sword, Spear, Knife, Long Club, Machete, Striking & Grappling





Exotic Weapon – Indian War Club versus Baseball Bat and Long Club



Exotic Weapon – War Boomerang versus Baton and Dual Clubs




Empty Hand versus Multiple Attackers with Elite Tactical Response



Empty Hand versus Multiple Attackers



Exotic Weapon – Chakrams versus Multiple Attackers, Baton, Dual Weapons – Machete and Club


*LIKE to see our Elite Tactical Choreography Videos?


MARVEL – DC Comics Inspired Projects


Red Hood: The Return of Jason Todd



Black Panther – The Showdown
(This was done BEFORE the MARVEL Black Panther movie was released)






ANTIHEROIC – Sincere Revenge


In The Blood – Quiet Riot
(stunt coordination, fight choreography, professional armorer services, firearm instruction)


Straight To Hell – Ozzy Osbourne
(Action Choreography, Elite Tactical Choreography & Training, Stunt Fighting)


Barcodes – Zoroaster
(fight choreography, professional armorer services, movie gun props, stunt fighting, vehicular stunts)



Carbomb – Ghostmane
(fight choreography, stunt fighting, professional armorer services, exotic weapons rentals)



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